Perry Rhodan MMO

Photo by Hans Beck

There are a lot MMO on the market today. So why another? My interest is interactive story telling. Said this, I’m not thinking about games in the sense of Visual Novels. I want to provide autors the possibility to tell a story game players could experience in a live gameplay. Because I’m a fan of the German publication “Perry Rhodan” of Pabel-Moewig Verlag, Rastatt (refer to Perry Rhodan Website), I like to create a fan project around this universe: a MMO with interactive story telling.

The prototype will be done in Prolog, because Prolog supports rules and knowledge management very well. These are points important for every adventure game. The prototype is intended to try what an interactive story telling could be and how this fits in this wonderful universe of Perry Rhodan stories and characters.

For details look at German version of this post. Translation may be a subject for future.

Hans Nikolaus Beck
Hans Nikolaus Beck
Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik

Experimental philosopher working with story telling and games